Month: October 2019

티라미수 크레이프 파우치 만들기 : Tiramisu Crepe Pouch Recipe : ティラミスクレープ | Cooking tree

귀여운 주머니 모양의 티라미수 크레이프 케이크를 만들었어요~ ♥더 자세한 레시피와 설명은 밑에 더보기 버튼 눌러 확인 해 주세요♥ ♡For more detailed recipes, please click on the down below♡ 귀여운 주머니 모양의 티라미수 크레이프 케이크를 만들었어요~ 머핀 틀을 이용해 모양을 잡아 굳히니 신기한 모양의 작은 케이크가 된 것 같아요~ 마스카포네...
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Building the Tree of Life | Douglas Soltis | TEDxUF

Douglas Soltis explains the interrelation of all species on earth with a beautiful, brilliant, constantly-evolving map. Dr. Soltis is currently studying what we know as the “Tree of Life.” His awards and accomplishments alone could fill a book, including over 450 publications, the 2016 Darwin-Wallace Medal and more than...
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How to Make Tree pot Tower Using Plastic(PVC) pipe//new method

hi friends in this video I am explain about beautiful tower pot making flower pot tower Tower pot tower garden pots Plant tower Tree pot stand tree pot tree planting garden style low maintenance garden flower pot indoor plant pots plastic plant pots plastic flower pots tower pot standard...
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