DIY Mr. Grinch Small Table Decor – DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decor ideas / Cute Christmas Gifts

Hello Creative Fam, I’m sooooooo very excited to be bringing you some Dollar Tree Christmas DIY projects. Mr. Grinch has gotta be my fav Christmas craft I’ve ever made.
He is so doggone adorable and cute! This is the perfect little addition to add to your Christmas Home Decor. Of course I used materials from Dollar Tree to make this home decor project. I did add some glam and bling in this project to match my style of decor. To set the scene I used an 11×14 mirror and placed him in the center along with some mirrored Christmas ornaments to add a little more of a glam touch. You can make this project for gifts, family and friends. I’m sure they will love him. You will love him.
I plan on making several more Mr. Grinches and yes when we get our home I’m gonna have little Grinches all over the place lol. I wanted to add a heart to him since that follows his story. “His heart grew two sizes” if you can think of a way to do that I’d love to hear any suggestions. I’m so glad you checked this video out, thank you so very much!!! I hope you guys recreate Mr. Grinch, he’ll get cha in the holiday spirit.
I was inspired by some pictures I found on Facebook. I haven’t seen a video on this diy so I was super pumped to get this video out to ya.
I have another couple of Christmas projects I made I’ll be sharing with you in the next few days. I’ll be showing you how to make two Christmas angels and these are oh so so cute too. I have plans to make a “Glam” Christmas Wonderland Scene and so so much more this year. I love you guys so much!

Materials for this project Dollar Tree
2 – fish bowls (one large one small)
1- Stuffed Monkey
1- Santa Hat
Gold / Silver Bling Wrap
1- mini wreath ornament
1- pack of Googly eyes
Black Acrylic Paint
Mod Podge
“I used a single gems for his nose”
2- Lights “I used one for most all these pics including the intro and ending video clip”
you can get a push light or bright led strings lights from Dollar Tree or both

I also used “Neon Green” Glitter from Walmart and that’s it 😉

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