How to make Christmas tree by paper, news paper rolls, Xmas tree by paper 2017- 2018 December

How to make Christmas tree by paper, news paper rolls, Xmas tree by paper 2017- 2018 December

in this viedo I’ll be showing you how to make a small Xmas tree as a decor in you room or house simply using newspaper hope you enjoy the viedo and follow me on the links down below for live diy daily

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🎄 🎄 . . We use a 2 foot white Christmas tree from Target and some super colorful rainbow colored tinsel garland. We make our very own Troll ornaments from Trolls blind bag toys, Trolls dog tags and McDonalds Troll Happy Meal toys. We even use a Poppy headband as our super fun Troll Christmas Tree Topper. And along the way we open super fun surprise toys and Trolls surprise toys. This is the perfect video to inspire you to do some Christmas crafting with your kids. Happy Holidays!
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