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DOXA 2009: The Tree Lover trailer (Swedish)

Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén Sweden, 2008, 76 minutes Friday May 29 | 7:00PM | Pacific Cinémathèque Canadian Premiere In a remote corner of northern Sweden, a trio of young men decide to build a treehouse. Not just any treehouse, but a symbol of a lost Eden, a physical embodiment...
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Season 6 Preview: Tree of Life

Season 6 will feature a video with an exciting new perspective—yours. We worked with Art Director, Armand Serrano, on many videos in Season 6, including a new video on the Tree of Life. Because the choice first given to humanity is a choice each of us makes every day,...
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Starting my Tree House

Starting my Tree House is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I feel I finally understand how I can start and what I think it will look like. I have a welder and some metal so now I can practice so I can make sure...
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