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The Lemon Tree Initiative

This is a short documentary about an initiative led by Mr Patu Keswani and his team to help the differently abled people. This effort has had a great impact of their self esteem and their genuine smiles are a proof of that. We have made this in hope that...
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Minimum Spanning Tree #2: Prim Algorithm

Prim Algorithm is another algorithm that solves Minimum Spanning Tree problem. This video gives a graphical illustration of the algorithm and then a code demo. Notes can be downloaded from: boqian.weebly.com...
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Planting an Etymological Tree for #TeamTrees

We’re joining in with the #TeamTrees project to raise money to plant 20 million trees — by tying the #etymology of tree to the #etymology of plant. Hope you enjoy this short bonus video! For more information or to donate to #TeamTrees, go here: https://teamtrees.org/ Thank you to our...
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